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    Upgrade resulting in corrupted site?


      In preparation for promoting my work on Facebook, I made a change to some text in my site yesterday and saved with the most recent version of Muse. I haven't made any changes to this site previous to the upgrade. My site now has a lot of issues and I have a deadline so am a bit panicked.


      The whole site sticks to the left.  "Stretch to browser width" is still selected.


      Part of the slideshow sticks to the side like the header slide show but one image in the slide show seems to be in the correct position if everything else had stayed place. It's supposed to be centered.


      I don't know where to start to fix this. Did this happen because of the upgrade? Did I unknowingly do something to create this? I need a starting point to know how to fix it.


      This is the site:




      Thanks. Please help