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    Lightroom Classic CC 7.1 crasher each time !!!


      Hi guys. I have an issue with the Lightroom Classic CC 7.1. Everything was perfectly since two day ago when I've import my new photos from SD card - LR crashed. Since that moment Lightroom crashes each time few seconds after launching. I've tried everything I know: reinstall LR, automatic registry clean, uninstall unnecessary plugins and software, even everything mentioned in that help tip: https://helpx.adobe.com/li…/…/crash-gpu-directx-enabled.html

      Didn't help.

      I've made a new windows user account and there Lightroom works properly but there is no history and lists of the pictures.

      Someone could help me please? I would like to work with the lightroom on my basic user account. I would even share my desktop through the TeamViewer.

      I'm so frustrated and dissapointed.