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    Is there a "Show in Finder" feature for Lightroom CC?




      I recently migrated to Lightroom CC from Classic, and I love just about everything about it, except two things I can't figure out:


      • How to locate the original on disk (e.g., in Lightroom Classic, you'd right-click and choose "Show in Finder"), and
      • Whether it's possible to click and drag multiple video clips into Premiere, which I use for stitching together sequences.


      I could work around the latter if it were easier to browse to a file from within a grid or thumbnail view (or even detail the view), but it feels a bit like Lightroom CC is trying to hide my original from me, which seems odd. Assuming I haven't just failed to locate this feature, can anyone say whether it's coming in a future revision?


      Thanks! Otherwise, I'm really happy with the service.