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    Is Updating Photoshop CS6 Extended to 13.1.2 Safe?

    KushMastaFresh Level 1

      I just recently got the Adobe CC Photography plan and so far it's been pretty nice, except my Lightroom 6 got deleted yet again >:(. But that's a side the point, Lightroom CC Classic is nice to use and Photoshop CC runs much smoother than CS6 and does have some nifty features.


      However, i've recently been prompted to update my Photoshop CS6 Extended to version 13.1.2. I'm extremely tempted to, as I plan on keeping it installed and using it if my paid CC subscription expires and I don't want to renew or there's something extremely specific I know how to accomplish in CS6 but can't in CC. However, after the whole Lightroom 6/CC debacle, I'm extremely hesitant and afraid to.


      So I'm wondering if updating Photoshop CS6 Extended to 13.1.2 will be "safe". Will it be applied as perpetual update that won't break it in anyway, even if my paid CC account expires? At the very least, I do plan on keeping the free CC account.


      I'm currently using a MacBook Pro with MacOS Sierra

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Check the version number of the installed CS6 version of Photoshop. If it is greater than 13.0.6 (for example 13.1.2), then the CC update mechanism has converted your CS install into a CC install version of CS6 and tied it to the CC license.


          IMO, I'd keep 13.0.6 and not upgrade it. For example, you want to move your CC activation over to a third Mac or PC, the CS6 is a permanent license version that you can use when your CC license is deactivated.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            I use Windows and CS6 version 13.1.2 is slightly different then perpetual CS6  Version windows.   It also in my case  enabled me to use the extended features.  I'm sure if I drop my subscription  I  will have to remove all creative cloud software including CS6 version 13.1.2 and then install perpetual CS6 and I'll be back to my perpetual serial standard edition at version windows.


            The differences between Mac Perpetual 13.0.6 and subscription 13.1.2 should no be much different.    Windows perpetual was still able to use optional CS5 Plug-is which were available in 32bit and 64bit Photoshop but only available for 32bip Mac Photoshop.  CS6 Photoshop Mac is 64bit only so mac users could not use the optional CS5 plug-ins like Web Photo Galleries and Picture Package.

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              KushMastaFresh Level 1


              OMG, you gave me a little heart attack there! haha

              I just checked and fortunately my Adobe CS6 Extended is in fact version 13.0.6


              I'm getting pretty annoyed with Adobe pulling these underhanded tactics :\ (or if they're not doing it on purpose to trick users into using CC products and getting rid of their legacy products, then that's just very poor design). I love Adobe's products but they're handling this whole CC business extremely poorly. I mean, I was already extremely annoyed that I had to create a separate Adobe account just to activate my Lightroom 6 (not even that long after its release) and was very disappointed with the discontinuation of the perpetual licensing/CS plans, but now this? But what do I know, I'm just a user/customer


              I know it's probably not gonna happen, but is there any chance there'll be an update to lightroom 6 so I can actually have it associated with and activate it with my main Adobe account?

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                gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Even if you accidentally installed 13.1.2, you could uninstall it and reinstall your permanent license version.


                As for Lightroom, go to their forum and I'm sure they know more than me.


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