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    Web Photo Gallery

    Jayson H

      I have Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 and I would like to add the Web Photo Gallery preset that I used on the older version of PS. Can this be done?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
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            escaleloscabos Level 1

            Hola Jayson,


            The most recent help from Adobe says that NO, YOU CAN'T do a simple web photo gallery.

            They removed the plug in from Photoshop, this is the path:

            - If you want to install it the code is so old it won't install. You go to the page, download the old CS5_Optional_Automate_Plug-Ins_Installer.dmg (removing the alert from Settings that this is not verified by the Apple Store)

            - Then you have to download the app that installs the CS5 Optional Automate Plug-ins.zxp file you just downloaded

            - Run the App and open the ZXP file from within the app. It does a little something and then It says "Installation failed because the extension does not contain a valid code signature"


            The second option is Bridge. Install it if you haven't. but if you read carefully they removed the feature on the latest version, so Bridge won't do it either:

            Create web photo galleries in Photoshop


            Maybe in one of these updates will create a fix for that. In the meantime I feel like they just messed up one feature I used often from this software we now have to rent. Right there is a reason for me to not to update my software.

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