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    The file could not be read error on import from SD card


      Nikon D750

      Lexar Pro 64G SD card

      LR Classic 7.1

      Raw images with a few different lenses (all Nikon lenses)


      Today I took maybe 1000+ photos and tried to import them using an SD card read plugged into an USB port (same thing I have done many times).


      LR thinks it imported 388 NEF files (not 1000+) and marked some, but not all, of those as 'the file could not be read' with the ! in the circle.  There may be groups of 10-20 files that are marked as ! and then more files appear to be fine and then more marked with the !.


      I am able to see the image using Preview in Finder.


      When I look at the SD card with Finder, I see most of the files in one folder DCIM/110ND750 (along with files from a previous import) and the remaining files in DCIM111ND750.


      Of the files that show up in LR, they are all in 110ND750 but most of the files in 110DN750 do not appear in LR at all.


      All the NEF files on the SD card show as Locked in Finder and all have an '_' preceding the DSC file name.


      I was going to quit LR and re-start it.  I get a popup telling me that there is a task in progress 'Copy and import photos'.  I can go ahead and quit but wasn't sure how this might impact the import that didn't complete.


      Thoughts? Suggestions? Help?  I have never seen this behavior before.