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    blank composition widget - show target on rollover - frozen images for small display

    theresab76316198 Level 1



      I am using a composition widget, blank that shows images by rollover. Here's the site:


      works | atelier lachaert dhanis

      The Problem seems to only occur on small devices like smartphone or tablet, thus the setting is exactly the same for all breakpoints.


      Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 12.55.12.png


      - On large screen: rollover ->image appears->click on work-> end on specific work -> go back -> everything OK- On small screens: tap on work -> image appears -> tap twice end on specific work -> go back -> the image of the visited page is frozen (which adds up and becomes very ugly after looking through some pages...)


      Why does that happen? Is there a solution to it?

      P.S. @adobe staff: Would be great if you could tell me your idea on it without having to upload the site again.