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    Special character in my product name

      The name of my product is supposed to have a TM and em dash in the product name in all instances. Of course, I have had huge problems with that. Now I finally have a .chm working on a very limited basis, but it has changes all instances of the dash to "&endash;".

      How do I deal with this?

      Can I do a search and replace to do this from RH Help?

      Insert symbols and special characters in Design Editor
      1. Open the topic in the Design Editor. Select a location for the character.
      2. Select Insert > HTML > Symbol.
      3. Double-click the symbol.

      I have about a zillion references to the product name including the dash & tm within the project. I am importing everything from printed documentation in Framemaker.

      I have removed all the dashes and tm marks from any file names - but do I have to do the same within all the text in the topics?

      thanks, Leisa