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    Lightroom CC sync very slow

    timothys49925164 Level 1

      I have read a number of posts here about the sync in lightroom cc being very slow, but I don't think I've read a solution or an answer as to why this is happening.  my content is syncing much, much more slowly than the network resources would indicate in task manager.  Has anyone found a solution?

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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi Timothys,


          Could you please let us know how many images are there in your library?


          Also, what is the format of the images? Are they Raw or Jpeg?



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            timothys49925164 Level 1

            I have a total of ~30,000 images.  They are now almost all synced, but I am adding a large number of mp4 files, and these are the ones that have been very slow.

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              Didrik Nordström Level 1

              I am experiencing a similar issue. Migrated off of Aperture and went through all the hoops to get projects and albums ported properly to Lightroom Classic. Decided to give Lightroom CC a go so I converted the library again and started syncing. I have about 20k files, 180 GB in total, and I'm using Windows 10. I started several days ago and have left my computer running. It has uploaded 5k files as of now. My trial period of Lightroom CC will actually run out before the files are synced to the cloud.


              Moreover, the files are not synced by descending capture date, so the cool picture I took yesterday won't be accessible from my phone until maybe two weeks time, if I leave my computer on 24/7. Massive fail!


              As a comparison, I placed my Lightroom Classic library inside my Dropbox folder, and synced through that. It took less than one day to have the entire library synced, which is more in line with the network capacity.


              My trial will unfortunately not be extended. It is already quite expensive compared to other cloud storage solutions, and if the files won't be transferred quickly, I lose the very reason I would use it in the first place, which is cross-device access to my pictures, for social media purposes etc.


              It'll make much more sense for me to set up an external workflow with exports to a Google Photos directory for mobile access, and keep my Dropbox syncing the full album. I really wanted to like Lightroom CC, but no feature in the world can make up for unbearably slow syncing. Adobe, you need to get some engineers on this issue urgently. Please let me know if you need debugging/reproducing info, I'd be happy to provide that.

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                Martin Gross Level 1

                I reinstalled my computer from scratch two weeks ago, reinstalled LR Classic and LR CC. I have some 28k synced photos, I left my pc on 24/7 and LR Classic has been syncing ever since. In the meantime I imported some 120 photos into LR Classic and created an synced album with those pictures. In a few hours the album was visible in LR CC on my iPad. I edited the pictures on the iPad (light, crop, flags, stars). I did that two days ago. The edits were synced properly to the cloud as they are visible online and in LR CC on all devices I have, however LR Classic that holds the original RAW files still shows the unedited versions of the photos. My intention was to make the culling and basic edits in the comfort of my iPad and then edit the selected pictures in LR Classic and in Photoshop eventually and then use the Facebook, Instagram and Smugmug plugins in Classic to publish things automatically based on rating. This is absolutely not possible. Even if I wanted to export the edited pictures from LR CC, it is not possible, because in CC only the smart previews are available. There goes my workflow. Quite a mess, I have to say.

                The interesting thing is that syncing in the opposite direction, from LR Classic to CC goes much, much faster and it has nothing to do with bandwidth as my ISP gives me the same speed down and up. Actually LR Classic keeps using some 1 Mbps of the bandwidth all the time while the number of "all synced photographs" keeps slightly varying around some 80% of the total final number of photos shown in LR CC (some 20k synced in LR Classic vs. some 28k in LR CC).

                So the bonus question now is: when I now need to have things done and go ahead and do the culling (flags and stars) and editing again in LR Classic to be able to publish my photos before this painfully slow process is done, will the newer settings be overwritten by the older ones not yet synced, or not?

                After the recent problems with speed, I am now really seriously considering to cancel my Adobe Subscription. The ongoing issues already took more time of my life than smoking cigarettes did and if Adobe does not do about that really fast, I will be happier without.

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                  Rohan020 Level 1

                  Hi Sahil, I see a number of post here reading this issue and no solution. can you help here or not?

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                    I pulled in 10K images from Lightroom Classic over the weekend it syncs around 500 per day.  There are some large raw files mixed in from d850 and d800 and a handful of 4K video clips, but still pretty nuts.  They must have a pretty low upload cap.

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                      Lightroom CC too slow to be of any value. I have 16G of ram, SSD drive, video card. Lightroom Classic same mess.

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                        Has this been checked yet? I just bought a new macbook and I have 13,000 images but its now at 7,700 after 4 days, and sync is just crazy slow this will take weeks to do, how is that even possible? What’s the point of online storage if sync takes sooooo long?


                        Internet is fast. Its funny that with sync on day and night, still only does 6,000 images in 4 days, 7,800 to go.

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                          michaelp798 Level 1

                          Well, I guess it should read, “one or MORE of these seven reasons:


                          Your Lightroom Catalog (and preview files) are NOT on your computer (you’ve stored them on an external hard drive). It’s fine for photos to be stored on an external hard drive (in fact, I recommend it), but not your Lightroom Catalog file or previews files. Things will run much faster with those files right on your main internal hard drive.


                          You have less than 16GB of RAM (that’s not the minimum it takes for Lightroom to run, but it’s what Adobe recommends).

                          Your internal hard drive is slow. Having a really fast drives make a big difference, so if you saved a few dollars buying a cheaper, slower drive, now you’re paying the price. When you order your next computer (of it you can upgrade) get fast SSD drives – the difference is pretty amazing.

                          BONUS: Also, Lightroom requires lots of free space on your hard drive. If you don’t have at least 20% of your overall storage space free, that’s affecting your Lightroom’s performance, so free up some space asap.

                          You are not on the most recent version of Lightroom Classic. It’s the fastest version yet (with big speed boosts in some critical areas). Make sure you have Lightroom Classic version 7.2. If not, go to the Help menu and choose Updates (as seen above).

                          Your computer is more than four or five years old. Computer years are close to dog years, and your old computer probably runs like our doggo here. You can’t expect Lightroom to run at full speed on an old outdated computer (and yes, if your computer is four or five years old, it’s outdated).

                          You haven’t Optimized your catalog in a while (or ever). This is easy to do, and could very well make a difference. Go to Lightroom’s File menu and choose Optimize Catalog (as shown above).

                          You have “Automatically write changes into XMP” turned on (most Lightroom users will not need this specialized feature turned on). Imagine if every time you moved a slider, Lightroom had to write that change into a separate text file. Imagine how that would slow Lightroom down? Well, if you have this turned on, you’re living that speed hit all day every day. Turn it off by going to the Lightroom menu (PC: Edit), go Catalog Settings; click the Metadata tab, and turn off the checkbox beside “Automatically write changes into XMP” (as shown above).

                          That’s my top seven – hope that helps speed up your daily Lightroom experience.

                          I’m up in NYC today for meetings – maybe I’ll see you there!


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                            Sahil or anyone else from Adobe is very quiet on this issue. I am having the same issue of very slow sync, it's not bandwidth as Dropbox works much faster. I think there is a case for a refund here, the system is simply not working as advertised, I upgraded may subscription with larger storage but I did not receive the benefit promised.

                            What are we going to do about it Adobe? Anybody home?

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                              I'm having the same issues, and am surprised that this isn't something there's a response to.  I have about 3TB of photos I'd like to transfer into Lightroom cc, and at the current pace of about 1,000 a day, this will take months.  I do have an older computer - a 2010 iMac, but I've upgraded to an SSD hard drive and 16gigs of RAM, so it feels like the multiplier on the upload time is a little excessive.  I mean, I can understand it taking days or even a week or two, but MONTHS?!? 


                              Also, because it's soooooooooooooooooooo slllllloooooooooooooowwwwwwww I have not signed up for more than 1TB of data yet, but man they make it hard to upgrade the storage when that time comes.  How is that not something that can be done at the click of a button?

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                                Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                What kind of internet connection do you have? If this is typical cable internet, you have an upload speed of at most 5 megabit/second even for premium packages. Typical cable/DSL internet is very asymmetrical with upload speeds only a fraction of the download speed that is advertised. For 3TB of images, even if you were able to upload 24 hours at full speed, that would take 58 days or about two months! Now Lightroom is not going to be 100% effective at saturating your upload so 3 months sounds like exactly what you should expect.


                                Only way around this is having fiber to your home/business which is very rare.

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                                  My sync is taking forever too. How can i fix this?

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                                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    This is a very cynical answer, I know. Use Classic and sync a few collections of smart previews of images that you really want to share with others and keep the rest on your hard drive(s).

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                                      I disagree!  I have a brand new iMac 32gb RAM.  I have left my computer on for 2 days and still syncing.  Never seems to finish.  I haven't imported any new photos.  My catalog and Previews are on my hard drive and all others on external SSD.  There so be NO reason why this continues to happen.  Also when syncing LR will just quit.  Can't even force quit.

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                                        max1979l Level 1

                                        I can upload about 1000 smart previews per hour (using Sony 24 MP ARW files). That's slow but acceptable. My new problem is that LR keeps crashing every like 90 minutes. Tonight it crashed and messed up the syncing files, so I had to re-sync everything.

                                        What's worse, it that after every crash LR litters my SSD with humongus log files (in C:\Users\Max\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CRLogs) which are not deleted by the software, so I have to manually do it every time.

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                                          jmvdigital Level 1

                                          To anyone having issues syncing thousands of files, be sure to check what your physical upload speed is even capable of. I'm on a business-grade plan with my ISP that is 75Mbps download, but only 5Mbps upload. This is BEST CASE speeds, which degrade even further once you factor in the dozen or so other internet connected devices, computers, phones, tablets, etc. all sharing this connection. I'm also using two cloud backup services (Arq to B2, and CrashPlan Pro) on different machines, which further bottlenecks my upload bandwidth.


                                          So for me, that typically brings my usable upload speed down from 5Mbps to maybe 3-4Mbps, depending. A steady upload at 3Mbps is only 375 KB/s or 0.3 MB/s. If you're uploading iPhone raw images, they are 44MB/each for me from LR Mobile. So that's about 2 minutes per image to upload. So if you're uploading 20,000 images, that would take approximately 27 days, best case, if you're going full speed 24/7.


                                          Do a connection speed test and run some numbers on the quantities you're uploading. You might be surprised. There is no magical way that Adobe can make that process faster. The sad fact is that most ISPs sell you on these huge transfer speed promises, but those are "up to" speeds, not guaranteed; and typically the upload speed is MUCH slower.

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                                            I wish I had jumped on this site before I subscribed to Lightroom and Photoshop cc I would have bowed out. I don't see any reasonable answers to this perplexing problem. Not only does my computer not rest syncing but it stops access to the program itself. I have 60,000 photos almost all are jpegs. Sahil's only post was February and It is now seconds away from December. This is not acceptable support. All the "necessary" hardware, file size,  and internet requirements should be stated boldly on page one of any correspondence and problems should be acknowledged and addressed by Adobe and not the fan base whose knowledge runs from expert to idiot (me).