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    Acrobat 2017 with Video usable on Mac?

    Adamsrob2 Level 1

      Can I make a pdf in Windows 10 Acrobat Standard 2017 that a person with a Mac can open with Acrobat Reader?

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          AnandSri Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hello Adamsrob2


          Sorry for the delayed response and inconvenience caused to you. As per the description above, you want to create a PDF file on Windows 10 machine using Acrobat Standard 2017 and and want a person to open the PDF with Adobe Reader on a Mac machine, Is that correct?


          There are no platform incompatibilities between Windows and Macintosh with regards to PDF files. PDF is a cross-platform compatible file format. You can create a PDF file on Windows machine and that PDF file can be opened in Adobe Reader on Mac machine and vice-versa.


          So, you will not face any issue with the PDF file. If you face any issue, you may refer to Can't open PDF Link: https://helpx.adobe.com/in/acrobat/kb/cant-open-pdf.html


          Feel free to update this discussion for any further assistance.



          Anand Sri.