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    Displacement Effect

    NMD UK Level 1

      Hi Everyone, I'm new to after effects so go easy on me!


      I'm having difficulty applying a displacement layer to the full logo (see link). So I have a really simple question. Will a displacement map only work at dimensions of the original source video? Currently I have it enlarged to cover the whole logo.


      Dropbox - Displacement.mov

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You have to understand rendering order. Effects are intra-layer operations that don't respond to layer transforms. Hence in order to structure your stuff you have to pre-compose and use the pre-comps as layers so any operations inside the pre-comp are "baked" to the resulting pixel buffer and can be used by effects. This is a basic AE technique, so I would suggest you really watch at least some tutorials and read the help.



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            NMD UK Level 1

            Thank you, you have answered my question.

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              NMD UK Level 1

              I just made the source and the comp the same dimensions and I have achieved what I need to do, for now. I will learn the points you have highlighted when I don't have a ridiculous deadline


              Thanks again!