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    CFWINDOW and JS Question

    WestSide Level 1

      I am hoping someone can help me. I have a javascript function that does a loop and creates an error message that I want to show in a "cfwindow". Is there a way to do this as opposed to populating the window with contents from .cfm page? Here is my code:

      var cbValidate = function(resp) {
      var errorStr = "The following error(s) have occurred:\n\n";
      for(i=0; i<resp.ERRORS.length; i++) {
      var errorStr = errorStr + resp.ERRORS + '\n';

      So where you see the "alert(errorStr); This works, but I would rather NOT use the default js popup alert(), is there a way I can use the CF 8 window?


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          Level 7
          a source page of your cfwindow can access all js functions in the page
          that calls' it. thus you can have a cfm/html page as source and use
          document.write in that page to write out the error string generated by
          your js. you will still need a page with js code as source of your cfwindow.

          from usability point of view, displaying form validation, or other
          errors that require use to go back and fix them, in cfwindow is not much
          different from displaying them in a js alert:
          both can be annoying and not helping much, since user usually will need
          to close the alert/window to correct the errors, thus loosing view of
          the errors list.

          consider instead using same document.write or other method [i prefer
          server-side validation, and maybe ajax-y stuff sometimes for cool
          effects. do not rely only on js for catching/validating errors - always
          validate data on server] to write out errors in the page's context,
          where user can see them while correcting errors to make sure s/he has
          not missed any. if it is a form, consider also applying some more js to
          highlight/mark the fields that generated errors.


          Azadi Saryev