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    Patch Tool Options


      Using PS CC on iMac running Sierra.


      When using the Patch tool, it is supposed to be possible to change the Structure and Colour settings in the Options bar after making the patch, as long of course as the selection is still active.  Whilst this works fine on my partners PC it rarely works on my iMac, i.e. nothing happens when you move the sliders even though the selection is active.  Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem with this on iMacs ?

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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          HI Keith,


          I've only been ale to try this on my Windows PC so far, and it does seem to change as long as the selection is active and you've only set the target once. I haven't yet had a chance to try this on my Macbook, but I'll let you know what I find.


          As a side note, it did seem to make a difference what kind of area I was patching; some patched areas (depending on content) didn't have a visible change when I adjusted the structure or color sliders.



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            I have the same problem on an iMac as KeithF100, running High Sierra (10.13.3) and PS CC just updated. It was also a problem with PS CC 2017, and I expected the update to cure it, but no luck.  Just one detail to add: the very first time I attempt to change either Structure or Colour, it does work, but not again until I quit and reopen PS.


            However, on an older MacBook Pro running exactly the same versions of iOS and PS, the tool works fine!  Makes me wonder if it's just a setting somewhere, but I can't see anything that I could change.


            Thanks for any advice you can give.