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    Lightroom book PDF double sided output


      In short: I need to create PDF's out of Lighroom Book module that are double sided by default!


      In detail:

      In Lightroom book module, by default or design, you are creating a double sided facing pages layout. In fact you really can't create a book without having two sides to a page used or not.


      Upon output, there is no option to force or suggest to the PDF viewer to default to double sided or facing pages. What's the point in outputting a PDF if you can't control the user experience.


      From what I have read, the answer would be to buy Acrobat and re-save the files as double sided.... this is not an acceptable answer, creating a default in Lightroom which forces you to buy more software to reverse a defect in design. I'd like to think there is another way but I can't find any documentation otherwise.


      Suggestions please? I'd love to know how to make this happen without having to go through additional steps. It's enough effort to create a book in the first place. I'd much prefer to be out making photos than spending my life making portfolios.