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    Do custom cursors work on Youtube videos?

    anthonyl65104797 Level 1

      Hey everyone, first off thanks so much for all the help! My website is finally up and running! http://welcometoplainview.com/index.html

      Welcome to Plainview


      Everything works great, still having some issues getting the tablet version to work correctly (I'll save that for another post if I cant figure it out), but other than that all is well!


      One thing I'm having trouble with though is on the desktop version of my website, I have this custom retro cursor that I use. I had add a bit of code to the head to get it to respond with certain elements on my site, but for some reason I cant get it to react with the embedded youtube video that I have on this page of my site: 000: Prologue  It just revertos to the basic curser that is seen on normal websites.

      Is it simply not possible for the custom cursor to react when hovered over the video since its from an outside website?


      Thanks again everyone!