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    Stop auto sync from iPhone into LR


      How do I stop Lightroom automatically importing my iPhone photos into Lightroom on my computer.  It imports them by date and inserts my iPhone photos in any gallery with the same date - meaning I have galleries with client work and then any personal phone photos are in the same gallery.  If there is no gallery already, I get a new one so that I have 100's of galleries automatically being created.


      Auto importing is already turned off.

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You have posted this question in the Adobe Captivate User Forum, not the Adobe Lightroom User Forum.

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            saharanz Level 1

            Ahhh!  Thanks. Not sure how I ended up here

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              Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

              Can you clarify a few things?


              First, which version of Lightroom are you referring to? Lightroom Classic or the new cloud-centric Lightroom CC. Do Help>System Info and paste the first few lines of the resulting display.


              Secondly, what you you mean by "galleries"? I guess you could be meaning albums/collections, but Lightroom (both versions) can't automatically create these, so do you mean Folders (which Lightroom Classic can auto-create using dates either during a standard import and also by syncing down images from the cloud (if you've set it up that way).


              So if we can start with these questions, we'll probably be able to help.

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                saharanz Level 1

                Thanks Jim,


                Lightroom Classic (and the versions before -I've olny just got fed up enough to do something about it! )

                Lightroom Classic version: 7.1 [ 1148620 ]

                License: Creative Cloud

                Language setting: en-AU

                Operating system: Mac OS 10

                Version: 10.12.6 [16G29]

                Application architecture: x64

                Logical processor count: 8




                Sorry, I mean folders.  Yes, LR is auto-creating the folders by date and adding photos to any other folder with the same date.  I haven't set it up to sync from the cloud.


                I've just uninstalled and reinstalled LR, so will see it that helps?

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                  Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

                  Uninstalling/reinstalling is unlikely to change things.


                  There are only two ways that you can get iPhone photos into an automatically-created date-based folder scheme. One is by importing directly from the iPhone (i.e. the phone is connected to your Mac and you import directly from it), the other is by syncing from the cloud. The first is unlikely (i.e. you'd know if you were doing a direct import, as you'd be in charge of doing that), but the other also sounds unlikely if you haven't setup the catalog to sync. But can we confirm that? In the Catalog panel (left-hand side in Library module) under the All Photographs collection, is there also an All Synced Photographs collection also, and if so does it have a total photo-count greater than zero? If it does, you probably DO have sync enabled without realising it....move the cursor over the ID plate area and a drop-down arrow should appear, click on that to reveal the Activity Centre. The first line will be "Sync with Lightroom CC" and to the right there will either be the word "Start", or the word "Paused" or just a simply "pause icon", i.e. two short parallel vertical bars.


                  Let me know what you discover.