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    Photoshop (NonCC) CS6 - Cannot Save Files "File Not Found"

    lessthanbri Level 1



      I've attempted to search the forums for this, but every discussion is related to Scratch disk and that doesn't appear to be my problem.


      When I attempt to save any file, no matter the extension, I get a prompt that says "Could not save XXXX because file is not found". I mean, obviously when I'm making new files they wouldn't be found? But even existing files this happens with. Photoshop is able to open files, edit files, but I can't actually save any of the work.


      As I said above, every answer I've seen related to Scratch Disk space, but my Photoshop has reign of my C drive, which has over 500GB free, and I'm attempting to save a screenshot. I tried switching the Scratch disk to startup and back again, but none of this changed the issue. I gave Photoshop more Memory usage ability as well (I had it at 50% before, and allowed it 60%), but this also didn't solve anything.


      Please help - I love this software and have no idea why I can't save anything.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          The real problem is the the message does not state what file is not found.  If  you used "Save As" and the file you want to save exists you would be prompted with a dialog asking if you want to replace that file.  If the file does not  exists "Save As would save the new file.  If you used Save would automatically save over the existing file. If the document had not been saved  if you use Save Photoshop Save would switch to Save As.  So what file is that message referring to? I have not idea but it could be the backing file if you use save.  Adobe should out put message the are useful not messages that are ambiguous.    If the document had been saved and the backing file has been delete by something.  Save could save could save the document as a new file for Photoshop knows what the backing was for it Opened the file and noted that as the documents backing file or Save may put out a message like file not found. Because the message does not contain the path and file name the programmer is still learning their craft.   If you are using "Save" and get this message.  Use Windows File explorer or Finder to see of the backing file still exist when the message is being displayed.  If you are using "Save As" I have no idea of what the name of the file not found is. Save for Web would be like Save As.  I'm not sure how Export as or quick export work I the not use them much.  I have used export As SVG to do some testing.

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            lessthanbri Level 1

            Hi there!


            It does this regardless if I use Save or Save As actually, and whether or not the file exists.


            For instance, if I name the file as, say, pleaseletmesave.jpg (which does not exist), it will say: "[filepath]\pleaseletmesave.jpg File not found. Check the file name and try again." With only OK as the option.


            If I name the file, thisexists.jpg (which exists), it will still say "Could not save a copy as "[filepath]\thiexists.jpg" because the file could not be found." with again, only OK as the option.


            I've been using Photoshop for years and this is honestly the first time I've had issues. I was able to just overwrite a save on a random PNG that I didn't want to overwrite in testing this, but I can't overwrite other jpgs, and the png was in an entirely seperate folder path (Downloads versus Pictures, but both are on the C drive, so that shouldn't have impacted it).


            I'm just at a loss as to why Photoshop believes every file can't be found but still can traverse the disk validly. It doesn't appear that C drive is "corrupt".

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              The first thing to do is try resetting your Photoshop Preferences if this just started happening.


              Does the happen everywhere.  If it does check you user ID permissions can it read and write to where you where you want to save.

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                lessthanbri Level 1

                Just attempted a reset (Ctrl+Alt+Shift), did not resolve.


                I'm admin on this computer but did double check, and I definitely have read write permissions. I can verify because I can do things within the folder such as copy an image or save an image from -another- program (such as Illustrator), and I can also open images (even in PHotoshop, which claims file not found if I attempt to save, I can indeed open the files).

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                  lessthanbri Level 1

                  To add more details, I can save to my Downloads folder, but not Documents, Pictures, Music, or Videos. All of the Creative Suite has this issue.


                  Other programs such as Microsoft Word are able to save to these folders just fine when run by myself (Admin user), so it can't be permissions on the folders.


                  I'm at a loss. I thought originally it was only Photoshop but my entire Creative Suite has this problem. I can't just save everything in my Downloads folder whenever I work in Creative Suite. There needs to be a solution...

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                    kathrineb61344842 Level 1

                    I have the same problem, but only since we added Windows 10 to our computer.  For whatever reason, Photoshop is not connecting correctly to Windows and will not save anything new.  Help!

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                      graphicacy Level 1

                      If you haven't fixed this problem yet, it's being caused by a Windows 10 update. 1. Go to your "Windows Settings", 2. Choose "Update & Security",  3.) Choose "Windows Security", 4.) Click on "Virus & threat protection", 5.) Go to the bottom of the list and Click on "Ransomware protection", and 6.) Toggle the feature off. Reboot your computer and the problem should be solved.

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                        jenl58202529 Level 1

                        thank you for this, spent way too long trying to figure it out.

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                          graphicacy Level 1

                          You're very welcome. I'm glad it helped you.


                          Happy designing!

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                            nirajant58489229 Level 1

                            Thanks for this useful tips. It really worked for me. Thanks again.