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    String.split to time-based array for button URL

      Hi folks -

      So this is part of the ongoing video player I'm working on. Here's the problem setup:

      client needs to have tracking URLs applied to an invisible button during commercials (usually 30 seconds each). there's some javascript controls that populate the click URL, which are separated by ",". The tracking URLs could be between one and 3 URLS per 30 second commercial. If it's 3, then the URL changes every 10 seconds.

      Right now I have the button working - sort of. The javascript does populate the invisible button, however when you click on the button during the commercial you get three popup windows rather than one per commercial block (i.e. there could be three different popups with three different URLs - but not at once, just per click).

      Code is below / attached.

      however, when I do add in that code it seems to just loop and stops the button action. Mostly the "if" statement is the problem.

      So any clue on how I can get the URLs to populate one at a time per time segment?