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    Nested compositions not displaying correctly in mega menu

    Nick Fawbert Level 1

      Hi, I am using nested compositions to create a mega menu.


      You can see it at Mutiny Asia


      The problem I’m having is with the mega menu under ‘elevate learning’.


      It is constructed by having a single trigger/composition on the top menu, and a composition with three triggers nested on the subsequent composition.


      Problem 1


      First time I reveal it on a page, the mini menu for the 1/3 trigger is showing.


      If I then roll off, and trigger it again, on reveal the mini menu for the 1/3 trigger is not showing.


      ’Hide all’ is NOT checked on either the initial or secondary composition.


      Problem 2


      On a PC when I roll out of the composition, the mega menu disappears as expected.


      On an iPad it does not disappear when I ‘tap’ outside the composition, in fact nothing I can do will get rid of it save a page refresh.


      Problem 3


      When I try and solve problem 2 by having a ‘close’ button, rolling out of the composition on a PC does not result in the close button disappearing. It sits there like a big fat coding error.


      I can’t think of a work around for any of these - any ideas?




      Should I just use another 3rd party mega menu instead of nested compositions? In which case which one should I use?