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    test app on iphone without iOS key


      I am a school teacher and am planning on having a class create apps.
      I have managed to test out locally on the school's network using Phonegap Desktop on both iphone and android no problem.
      Phonegap Build lets me use on Android off our network (i.e the students home) but how can I do this for IOS?


      Is there a 'testing' iOS key that will let me test a app (from Phonegap Build) on an iphone?
      I could buy a developers account, but I need 20 students to use it. I have seen that the developers account wants "pre-selected set of specific devices (identified by their UUID)" - which would be difficult for me.


      Any ideas on how to test app on iphone without iOS key and do with 20 users will be most welcome!

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          jcesarmobile_ Adobe Community Professional

          Apple has an education program, but I can't find anything about distributing appshttps://developer.apple.com/education/

          Education - Apple Developer

          Take a look and see if it allows to distribute apps or not.


          If it doesn't allow to distribute apps, then you will need:

          A personal account if you are the one who is going to distribute the app, and set the students as beta testers. Or manually add the student's devices UDIDs to your account and distribute from PGB with a development or ad-hoc certificate.

          An organization account if you want students to be able to sign the apps themselves. You will have to add the students as developers of your organization. To distribute the apps to other students they will still need to be testers or do it manually as explained on previous point.
          An enterprise account. Same as the organization account but you can distribute the apps internally from PGB without manually adding UDIDs.


          For organization and enterprise accounts Apple will ask for a DUNs number, not sure if the school will have one.