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    Photoshop does'nt open any png's correctly

    Tjeerd vormgeving Level 1

      Dear readers,


      Im working on a mac and since i have the new PS 2018, every screenshot (for example a website) i take it wont open normally, instead i get a lot of disturbed colors and sometimes even other work through (i've opened and worked on before, which is closed now) the image. If i select the crop tool and press enter the image changes completely every time. It's kinda artful, but really anoying if you want to continu your job.


      Last week i worked at a design agency, they had the same issue, does anybody have the answer for this problem?


      Below is what photoshop creates from a normal website screenshot


      Schermafbeelding 2018-01-29 om 15.25.34.png