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    Lightroom CC very slow to view pictures


      I upgraded to Lightroom CC with ITB storage and migrated my catalog (about 50K pictures) When i try and view the pictures, for example, select a folder date it takes ages to see all the thumbnails. A date with about 30-40 pictures can take 10 minutes ot see the thumbnails. This is increadable bad and i have paid ofr 1 yr... It not on my end I run on an Intel I7 with plenty of memory and Ram and a 1GB glass fiber internet connection. Also selected to keep a copy of thumbnail on the local drive. does nothing to help the really slow performance of CC.   Any ideas? any else experiencing this?

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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi Gerardt,


          As you're experiencing performance issue with Lightroom, could you please try the steps mentioned here & let us know if it helps: Optimize Lightroom performance


          Also, please let us know which operating system are you working on?




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            gerardt59489799 Level 1

            Thanks but had tried all that made no difference, have since cancleled my subscription and went back to lightroom desktop (lightroom classic cc), will not try this cloud-based solution again for a while..

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              simonh75920818 Level 1

              Same problem. Lightroom CC is sooooooo slooooow (also after the February 18 update), that is not even funny. It takes 1-2 seconds for an image to even show up when you select the photo in the film strip one after another. In the current status, you cannot even use the program to sort your photos (pick or reject one after another after an import). This is the main task this program has been developed for.


              Seriously, the engineers need to step up their game, not by adding features, but by making Lightroom CC usable for normal culling, how hard can this be?


              I am working on a 2017 Macbook Pro 14" with 16 GB RAM, Radeon Pro 560 with 4 GB memory, 1 TB SSD, and keep my originals downloaded on my drive.


              I really love the idea of Lightroom CC but it is unusable. Lightroom Classic has made some good improvements, but it is still not there. For a reference, I can advise the engeneers to use Capture One or Apple Photos, the difference is not even funny anymore. How can Lightroom CC be much fast on my iPhone 6s than my 3k USD laptop....

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                Same here - catalog with 43k photos.  Lightroom Classic CC has good performance, Lightroom CC (non-Classic) is terrible:


                Clicking on an image takes about 15-20 seconds to update the "Info" panel.

                Clicking on a filtering setting takes 5-15 seconds.

                After scrolling, it takes about 15 seconds before rejected photos are marked dark


                The same operations on Lightroom Classic CC take < 1 seconds.


                This is with an i7-7700k, 16GiB of RAM, PCIe HDD and 1Gbps fibre optic Internet.