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    Full Screen Mode with Menu Bar issue with multiple monitors

    josephr19774008 Level 1

      Hi Everyone, Last Friday there was a new update to Photoshop CC, and now when ever I open a PSD full screen mode with menu bar is not working properly. Let me explain. I have 3 monitors, and I do all of my work on my mac cinema display. I feel like what's happening is photoshop is not seeing it's resolution and it's shrinking the viewable workspace. If I drag it into my laptop's display it works fine, and if I drag it into my dell monitor it works fine. For some reason though when I'm in my cinema display where I do all my work it fails. I've found 1 way to get it to work while I'm in the screen and that's to toggle my cinema display's resolution. Although once I close the PSD, or leave full screen mode with menu the issue returns until I toggle the resolution again. It's definitely annoying. Is this a bug with the new CC update? This never happened until I updated. I have Photoshop CC 2018 19.1.0 Release.


      Attached is a screen shot of what's happening.

      full screen mode issue.png


      Thank you for your help!