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    Basic Importing Questions


      I recently acquired Lightroom CC. In the past I used Adobe
      Elements 15. I was at a true beginners stage in Elements. I want to make sure
      that I get off on the right foot in Lightroom, particularly in how I import and
      organize my photos; I have about 6,000 of them.

      I use Windows 10 and all my photos are in folders, many with
      sub-folders. If I import a folder to Lightroom, will the subfolders be imported
      as well and will they remain intact?

      Will Lightroom carry forward any tags I have put on folders,
      and continue to recognize faces based on the information currently in Elements?

      Are there any tutorials that provide detailed descriptions
      on how to import and organize?

      If I want to start over can I uninstall and reinstall



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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          LrCC will not reflect your folders and sub-folders. It could be worthwhile doing some preparatory work, creating albums from your folders and migrating via a trial version of Lr Classic. That would also be the best method of preserving keywords, faces etc.

          Once all of your originals are uploaded to the cloud it’s not a great idea to think about starting over. Time spent getting the structure correct to begin with will save a lot of frustration later.