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    Button links IE vs. Firefox...sometimes...

    cfords Level 1
      I have a series of buttons with links similar to the following example:

      some_btn.onRelease = function(){
      getURL(" http://whatever.com", "blank");

      These buttons function perfectly on my pc, both in IE 6 & 7 and Firefox 2. On my laptop however, the button links work perfectly in IE, but not in the Firefox browser. I have also used"_blank" with, as I suspected, no difference. The entire flash menu works well other than these button links not working in Firefox on a remote computer. Any clues?

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          cfords Level 1
          Oh happy day, I was able to answer my own question for a change. It seems in Firefox that when you use "blank" in a link callout that Firefox will sit there dead in the water unless you physically choose to unblock pop-ups from the site in which the link resides. So, if the user has pop-ups blocked in Firefox and you decide to open a link in a new page in your SWF, it may or may not work depending upon whether the user has an exception for pop-ups and one of the exceptions happens to be your page. This is not good for me. Is there a way around this? javascript maybe? Or do we have to drop the "blank" from our links? Of course I have been told for years that I should have been a beta tester due to my uncanny ability to uncover the most obscure .000001% probability scenario that would never apply to the mainstream .