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    Crear link para galería web de cliente. Create link for client web gallery

    maría pilarc69306622

      Quería saber si puedo crear una galería web desde Lightroom para que mis clientes puedan seleccionar fotografías de un grupo. Pero que esta galería quede alojada en algún link de mi cuenta de adobe directamente.


      He conseguido hacer algo similar, pero al abrir el enlace desde otro ordenador, me indica que el cliente tendría que registrarse en adobe. (No me gustaría) Pero además la marca de agua que añado en el apartado de Galería Web de Lightroom y después de guardarlo en la Colección, en el link que me ofrece adobe las fotografías salen sin la marca de agua.


      ¿Como podría solucionar todo esto?



      I wanted to know if I can create a web gallery from Lightroom so that my clients can select photographs from a group. But that this gallery is hosted in some link of my adobe account directly.

      I managed to do something similar, but when I opened the link from another computer, it indicated that the client would have to register in adobe. (I would not like it) But also the watermark that I add in the Web Gallery section of Lightroom and after saving it in the Collection, in the link that offers me adobe the photographs leave without the watermark.

      How could I solve all this?




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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The Web module in Lr Classic is designed for uploading galleries by FTP to your own sited, hosted by a third party.


          As you know, it is possible to create public galleries in LrCC and share a link.


          LrCC is very much a version 1 product and you can be sure Adobe will continue to add new features in the future and I would like to see watermarking. At present you would need to export photos from Lr Classic with your watermark and then import them and add them to a collection which can be marked for sync.


          I think Adobe is aware of the difficulties surrounding the need for clients to create an Adobe ID. It would be simpler if clients could just use a verified email address.