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    Ever since the latest update, Photoshop is behaving very strangely.


      Hey photoshop,


      Why is it that now every time i turn on / off a layer. . . nothing happens on the artboard!? UNLESS, I do some OTHER action. . eg. turn on/off the guides - THEN the layer change shows up!? So now, as I work on a document i'm CONSTANTLY turning on/off the guides in order to see all the changes i'm making happen on screen! This is crazy and wasn't happening before this latest update.


      If anyone is experiencing anything similar, please for the love of satan, will you help me solve this.


      I'm working on a Macbook Pro (the version just before the Touchbar). I have also not done the latest MacOS update, but it doesn't seem to be affecting anyone that i can see.


      any advice is welcome!