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    How not to Import Duplicates? Select All or Not Select All?


      When I am importing from my Apple Photos or other files I see that the screen says some files are imported already.

      I am given the option to add a low number of pictures or I can click Select All and add all of them.

      Example: If I let Lightroom CC add the Photos up it says 8 Photos. If I select all I get 45,000 Photos. This makes me think Lightroom CC is rejecting the duplicates unless I click "Select All".


      It is not clear to me which option will not re-import the items already added.

      It seems like I should choose the lower number so I do not get duplicates, since in this case I do not want duplicates.


      It seems to me that Select All will override any duplicate logic and import all the photos and make duplicates.


      (I think this is what I did because I ended up with 5 copies of everything.)