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    Help Adding Timeframes Please


      I am very new to Flash. I am taking a class in June but in the meantime I'm on my own and kind of clueless.

      I bought this Flash file online:


      The files are here:


      What I was trying to follow the instructions to add more pages to it. I have tried adding a keyframe like it says but nothing happens.

      Shouldn't I see something change on the timeline if I insert a keyframe?


        • 1. Help Adding Timeframes Please
          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Yes, you should see the keyframe outlined with a small empty circle in it at the bottom if it is done on an empty timeline. If you do it on a timeline that has something in it that circle will likely be solid, indicating there is something occupying that frame (whatever was at the end of the timeline before it).

          I don't know/use other method(s) for manipulating timeline frames. What I always do is right click on a frame and select from the menu that appears.