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      Hello, I will not be using an LMS this time around. What is the easiest format for my audience to view the training in? HTML5 seems like the best choice. Not all browsers will play it. Firefox on my machine worked by Chrome did not. The other concern is the html5 creates several files. I want to make it easy for folks to run the training. Basically, I want people to click on a link and start the training.




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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Current versions of Chrome browser play Captivate's HTML5 output quite well.  I'm surprised that you mention it not working.


          Try testing the content in Chrome after uploading to a web server.

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            mitchp32387515 Level 1

            No access to a web server. Do you have a recommendation based on my question? Thanks

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              RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              HTML5 will never be just one file for the end user to play.  An HTML5 course is basically a mini website and will usually consist of dozens if not hundreds of files arranged in a multi folder structure that is launched via the index.html file at the root level.


              It's for this reason (the fact that files are calling other files) that some web browsers with tight security may object and block the content when you try to play it locally.  Unless the web browser is quite old and therefore not HTML5 compliant, it should still usually play the content when launched from an HTTP or HTTPS web environment.  That's what HTML5 was designed for because it was basically aimed at internet-connected mobile devices.


              You can always zip your HTML5 course module and send that zip file to end users.  That might give you a single file to send to them, but they'd still have to unzip the archive to a folder on their hard drive and then launch the index.html file to play content.  And then, if their web browser security intervenes, they still wouldn't be able to see the content.


              As I said, I play Captivate HTML5 content without problem in Chrome on my Windows 10 box.  Internet Explorer 11 and MS Edge also play fine.  So, I can only assume that there must be something not quite kosher about your Chrome browser for this all NOT to work.