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    Disassociate Adobe CC Installation From My Personal Account

    thanser Level 1

      Need some help here - I don't know how to undo what I just did!


      I have Adobe CC 2017 installed here at work, installed through my employer's IT department, not downloaded through the Adobe CC application.


      Everything has been running fine for six months now, and this morning when I launched InDesign and Photoshop, it wanted me to login to my Adobe CC account.  Not thinking about the repercussions, I used my PERSONAL Adobe CC credentials (I have everything installed at home on two computers) but in doing so I had to deactivate one of my personal computers.  Not good.


      The CC suite at work hasn't been associated with any Adobe account, to my knowledge. It's just a free-standing set of applications that don't even update, since the Adobe CC app isn't even installed here at work.


      Make sense?  Still with me? 


      I want to separate my work suite from my personal suite, if possible. This whole process started when I opened a different version of an InDesign file, created in CC 2018. In order to "convert" this file it asks you to login - well, I did that and messed everything up.


      Any help here?


      Thanks so much.