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    Lightroom Keeps Crashing after Upgrade


      I did an auto upgrade and now my lightroom won't load.

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          MelissaLA88 Adobe Community Professional

          Can you give us some more information? What OS are you running? You're sure you're running Lightroom CC? Define "won't load" - what happens? Nothing? Have you tried uninstalling completely and then reinstalling? We would love to help you but could use some more info!

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            svend erikj58099087

            Had the same problem. Lightroom would not load after updating. No matter what I tried.


            TIME-MACHINE on my apple saved me out of trouble by reinstalling Lightroom as it was three days ago. Thank you, Apple. Shame on you, Adobe.

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              KensDesign&Photog Level 1

              I have Windows 7 Ultimate, 16GB RAM and recently update Lightroom Classic CC to the most recent nag of the software to update it.  The software launches as a smaller window.  During hitting the expand screen feature, it crashes, and this has been the same issue since the update.  You guys really need to beta these updates for 6 months befror launching on ever platform that could be out there.  This is unacceptable with trying to get work out for clients.  This makes me look unprofessional, and your last update is the direct cause.  FIX THIS!

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                The resolved my case yesterday after I sent in three new crash reports.  They kept harping on one line without listening (apparently), to the problem.  "Disable your Intel HD graphics"... like a robot.  Well, my unanswered question back was "why can't I run my graphics card in support of applications outside of lightroom?"  Why does lightroom care about HD Graphics after I unplugged it from within the application itself <AND> followed their troubleshooting of making sure it was actually turned off.  I told them "of course it's not going to crash immediately, it only crashes a couple times a day and its always like 3-4 minutes after I pull it up from the task bar and after it idles for a while."  This makes for perfect timing of crashing mid-operation after which it kindly refuses to sync my catalog again, no matter how many restarts and how many files I delete.  I have to delete my online account and rebuild everything... which is a real challenge because I must keep the application open on my screen the whole time and god help me if it goes to screen saver.  I have now sworn off sync for Lent.  This sucks.