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    BETT 2018

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      Not so much a forum question, but I can't find anywhere else to send a message. I just wanted to thank Adobe for the effort put into the Dawn and Dusk sessions at BETT last week. I got to three of them and thoroughly enjoyed and was educated by them. The only disappointing thing was how few came to some of the sessions, but this may have helped make it more enjoyable as any assistance I needed was swiftly given. It was good to get a sense that the people who helped write some of the programs were there. Please keep running these - one request, on the Saturday as well next year? So please pass on my thanks to all concerned as I found the sessions very worthwhile.

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          NorthDown2  wrote


          Not so much a forum question, but I can't find anywhere else to send a message.


          You are right — this is not a comment the forums themselves, so I moved your lovely thread to The Lounge.


          I also have a question: what is BETT?

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              BETT stands for British Educational Training and Technology Show - it no longer uses the long form but is known as BETTshow. Aimed at teachers who use ICT it is held usually at the end of January in London. The last few years it has been held at Excel exhibition centre in East London, across the river from the Millenium Dome (Now O2 Arena) and beside London City Airport. Most large ICT firms are there - Microsoft has a big presence, Google too. Microsoft could have four different seminars explaining their software and how it can be used to transform education at the same time. Lasts for 4 days. Adobe had seminars outside of the main hall in upstairs rooms so although a walk they were lovely and quiet and peaceful and I was able to give them full concentration. They did have short 20 minute seminars in their pitch in the main hall too.

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                Lukas Engqvist Adobe Community Professional

                Thank you, for your feedback You will probably find most of the tutors at edex.adobe.com …was a pleasure to be serving those that came, even though we would have liked better attendance… but that gave more attention to those that came Let's hope that the word will spread when there are other such events.