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    Font Selector Issues


      I just noticed that the font selector in the CHARACTER panel in After Effects has been changed and I wanted ti find out if theres a way to change it back. Before, I could type some text, highlight it. then highlight the current font and use the arrow keys to move through my font list and my text would change to the new font as I browsed. Now, selecting the font opens up a popup panel that shows a partial font list. I can still scroll through using the arrow keys, but my text doesn't update until I make a selection and close the popup. For my workflow, this makes AE utterly useless for font selection. Is there a preference setting or something that makes it possible to force the text to update as you browse the fonts just like it used to?

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          Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

          This issue's been up quite a few times, it started last version.  Rest assured the team is working hard to bring this feature back and apologizes for any inconvenience .   Seriously though, if you want that feature you have to go back to 2017.