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    Adobe Analytics and GDPR

    Gigazelle Adobe Employee

      Hi everyone! Given that this topic is fairly frequently discussed right now, I'd like to share everything I'm allowed to.


      What is GDPR?

      GDPR is the European Union’s new privacy law that harmonizes and modernizes data protection requirements.


      What is Adobe's current stance on GDPR?

      Adobe's current landing page on GDPR is located here: General data protection regulation, GDPR | Adobe Privacy Center - if you haven't read through it, I would recommend doing so! Many answers to questions are there, including specific actions you can take to optimize your Analytics implementation in preparation for GDPR.


      What about Adobe Analytics specifically?

      Adobe Analytics has several things in the works to fully comply with GDPR. Currently, they are slated to release April 2018. More specific information will be available as we near that date.


      What if I have a specific question?

      Ask it here, and I'll chat with some teams internally to see about answering your question. Keep in mind that some may not be able to be answered until we get closer to the compliance date in May.