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    Recent Lightroom Upgrade


      Hello, this is my first post.


      I run Lightroom on a Mac, OS 10.9.5. I had been running Build 1125239 without issue for months.


      Last week I upgraded to Lightroom Build 1149743. I saved off Build 1125239 for insurance. Glad I did.


      I have two main catalogues. I opened one with the new version, worked in it for a day, added a couple hundred images, and then closed it and went to open the other catalogue. As LR was opening the other catalogue, it crashed and created a 'journal' version of the catalogue and a 'lock' version of the catalogue.


      That version of LR now crashes upon opening regardless of which catalogue I try to open.


      If I go back to opening the older version, it works fine, and does open each of the two catalogues perfectly. The Creative Cloud app of course thinks everything is hunky dory.


      Any suggestions as to what I should do next?