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    Shockwave crashing browser

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      I've got a project online that runs just fine most of the time, but
      sometimes if I click through a lot of the buttons real fast and then get
      to the section where there are a lot of videos, I can make the browser
      lock up. If I clear the temporary internet files, then the program runs
      just fine again. Makes me think I'm filling up the cache somehow. Is
      there a way to keep the cache clean as the program goes along so that it
      doesn't lock things up?

      I'd love it if any of you could check out the program at
      and help me test it out to see if there are any other issues I haven't
      spotted yet, also.

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          I couldn't get it to lock up - FF2.0.0.14/WS2003. Any hints as to which
          buttons we should try clicking to get a problem?

          Ummm... one little thing: the buttons are clickable but not the text next to
          them, contrary to the current fashion.

          Firefox (by default) blocks the opening of new windows on the Useful Web
          Sites page - I'm not sure how to get around that. I don't think calling a
          JavaScript function to open the new windows would work, but it'd be worth a


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            Level 7
            Thanks for the review, Andrew. Like you, I can't get it to lock up at
            all in Firefox. The problem only occurred when I ran it in IE, and that
            was only after clicking several buttons in each chapter, and then going
            to the "Heritage" section where the videos are and clicking on a few of

            Oh, and about the buttons, yeah I need to fix that. It's been more of a
            time issue on that one. We wrote this thing several years ago and we
            just update the information every year. This is the first year we've
            tried it online, though. Until now it's always been put on a cut CD.