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    Client proofing: flag as rejects? (vs. flag as Favorites)


      LR Mobile seems to be the only Adobe LR solution for online client image proofing galleries. Its design supports scenarios like a wedding shoot, where the photog presents a set of images, and the client identifies selected images as Favorites. The design does not offer any mechanism to identify specific images as Rejects.


      My projects typically require this missing mechanism. In most cases, I present a collection of images to the client, and the client identifies which images are to be removed from the collection.


      Is there any way to use LR and/or LR Mobile to create a proof gallery where the client sees an obvious mechanism to identify Rejects?


      (Of course, an immediate workaround is to use the existing design of LR Mobile, and tell clients to use the "heart" flag to identify Rejects, not to identify Favorites. I am reluctant to use this workaround, because it is so obviously a workaround, and a confusing one at that. Such a clumsy fix would highlight my inability to offer the client a robust and simple tool for image proofing.)