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    Local storage C:



      I cant find the answer how to change the storage for photo cache from C: to lets say drive D:


      Mi C: drive is small but fast and I have a larger drive D: witch is a slower SSD for the storage purposes and right now Lightroom is using 18GB on C: for photo cache.


      I ticked the Store a copy at a specific location and assigned the drive D: but Photo catch remains on C:


      Can I delete it or transfer to another drive?


      Thanx for the help

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Unless files are being actively worked on they will automatically drop out of the cache but you can delete the originals manually once everything is backed up to the cloud.

          Go to: Edit >> Preferences >> Local Storage


          You will see available space on C: and if you click on the letter C you should be taken to the data folder e.g.

          C:\Users\99jon\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom CC\Data

          Substitute your own user name if following the path from Explorer


          If you double-click on the folder with a long string of numbers and then double-click to open originals you can delete all the year folders containing the images.

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            Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

            To be clear, the LRCC local library cannot be switched to a different drive. The library contains any previews which have been used by the program, as well as the local LRCC catalog. You can choose to store any downloaded originals on a different drive, and if you do that any originals already downloaded onto the C drive will be moved to the new location. But there will always be a certain amount of space on the C drive that LRCC requires, which is unavoidable (see the Local Storage tab of the LRCC preferences for the actual  amount of current "required space" on your C drive).

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