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    Locating deleted files that still preview in Lightroom


      Hi all,


      I recently lost about 200 photos that were very important and can't find them anywhere on my disks. I believe the issue may have been that I accidentally deleted them off the disk in lightroom without meaning to delete all of them and now I urgently need these photos back but can't locate them. I've searched my trash, I've tried to relocate the lost files off the SD card I shot on, and most unfortunately I haven't backed up my lightroom catalogue for about a year. I was reading old forums and some people have said they were able to retrieve their photos if the image preview was still showing in lightroom even though it said "the file could not be found." I imagine that if Lightroom has the ability to show me a preview of the image then it has a record of the 200 images somewhere on my disk. Is anyone able to please help me?