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    ADOBE REFUSING A REFUND - Poor Customer Service


      I was recently billed several hundred dollars for the auto renewal of my CC membership. This was done without my consent when I had no intention of renewing the membership. I canceled my subscription right away and tried talking to a support member about receiving a refund.


      They are refusing to give a refund. They are claiming it is because I've cancelled my subscription. It has been roughly over a month into the renewed year, and I have been charged for the entire year and no one from customer service is able to help unless I repurchase a new membership, which I now do not trust Adobe enough to ever want to do again.


      For such a large company one would assume customer service would be a top priority, but it seems that isn't the case. How do think they not giving a refund for a subscription that was cancelled after will make me want to purchase the Creative Cloud when I may need it in the future? Not happening. Extremely upset.