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    how to create a mobile simulator to my flash lite 1.1 aplication

      Hi all,

      I have build an application for mobile devices using flash lite 1.1.
      Now i'm trying to create a simulation on the web using the same application just like the "CS3 Device Central" but for desktop browsers.

      The problem is I don't know how to sent an event to the flash player.
      Example: if a user click's on a dirrection arrow on my simulated web-mobile, how can I send the event to the flash player so my application has the same behaviour just like if a user was using a mobile device.

      If possible I would like to find a solution that would not affect my swf.
      I have already saw some examples ("www.mobiexplore.com") that seems to simulated that behaviour.
      I just want to know if is possible, and how?

      Thanks in advance,