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    Why getPageNthWordQuads sometimes return nothing?

    daitranthanhoa Level 1

      I using Acrobat COM:

      I want get Coordinates of Words.

                iPage = 56

                  Dim PdfPage = oDoc.AcquirePage(iPage)

                  Dim PageHL = CreateObject("AcroExch.HiliteList")  '// created to get the page text

                  Dim PageHLRes = PageHL.Add(0, 9000) '<<--SET in FILE! (Start,END[9000=All])

                  Dim PageSel = PdfPage.CreatePageHilite(PageHL)

                  For i = 0 To PageSel.Getnumtext - 1   '// start the word loop on current page

                      Dim word = PageSel.getText(i)         '// get one word

                      If word.ToString.Contains("P") Then

                              Dim q = jso.getPageNthWordQuads(iPage, i)

                     End if        


      But some case jso.getPageNthWordQuads return nothing.

      Why? exist other way to get Coordinates of Words?