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    Lost in translation


      Перевод 2.PNG
      Salut! In addition to other flaws of russian localisation, I'd like note this case particularly. Curvature pen — Перо кривизны. There are terms of geometry, such as curve and curvilinear. You can talk about the curvature of the surface, but кривизна ("krivizna") separately is already a slang expression, that means something erroneously crooked. Especially strange as it reads in subjection. "Peroh" ("pen" in that context is homonym of "feather" in Russian) of what? "Peroh krivizny" — Feather of aberrance! It sounds like sneering perk from some RPG not even close to the original, doesn't it? It seems like the person who was engaged in this does not have a sense of language (or lost the one) and overlooks modern forms of it.


      And why I can't change language of the interface in the settings?