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    Help withBuddy API


      I have never been the strongest in my use of Director, and I haven't used it much at all the past several years. However, several years ago, I created a project and used (I am sure w/ help from others!) Buddy API to add an open pdf function. I still have the files, so I can cut/paste my script, but I have a new machine/new install and I have some issues that have me stumped.

      If any one could help with these, I would greatly appreciate it:

      I download version 1.78 as I am using MX2004 (I think this is the correct version for my set-up?). I placed the xtra in pretty much every folder in the Xtras folder as well as left it at root level. Director doesn't "see' it for me to add. Have I forgotten something major?

      Also, if I get this working on the Mac, will I need to also do it on the PC for the Buddy API/Open pdf function to work on PCs?

      Thanks much in advance!
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          eddiwil9 Level 1
          Quick follow-up... looks like I may be in a bad spot, as I am using an Intel Mac, but only have MX2004. It looks to me that the older version only supports PPC and the new mac version requires Director 11.

          Am I right about that/ If so, is there a version that WILL work with this configuration?

          Thanks again!
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            Can you not run MX 2004 in Rosetta emulation on your Intel Mac?
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              eddiwil9 Level 1
              If so, I am not aware. I know that in the Info box for Safari, that can be selected. I don't see the same for Director. Could it be somewhere else?
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                MX2004 is not provided as a Universal Binary (not surprising since Intel
                Macs didn't exist when it came out). It is PPC only, thus, it always
                runs in Rosetta on an Intel Mac.

                You should be using BuddyAPI 1.79 which is the last version usable for
                pre-Director 11. It should be in your Applications\Macromedia\Director
                MX 2004\Configuration\Xtras folder.
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                  eddiwil9 Level 1
                  Thanks so much, worked like a charm!

                  One other question: the notes for Buddy API tell me to place "flattened copies of the Mac xtra" into a particular folder in order to make Windows projectors.

                  There are several files in the download with no indication as to which one is the flattened file he references. Is it the same file I placed in the standard xtras folder? or is it "baMac.x32" or "baWindows OSX Xtra"

                  Sorry to bother!
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                    No, it's named budapi.x32 and you'll find it in the Windows archive
                    (which you may have to download separately). You may also need to edit
                    your xtrainfo.txt file
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                      I think the only time you need "flattened" files is if you are authoring
                      on a PC, then you need to put the flattened Mac xtra files in your
                      cross-platform folder.

                      If you are authoring on Mac, then you just put the standard PC version
                      (3.79) in the Applications:Macromedia:Director MX
                      2004:Configuration:Cross-Platform Resources folder (or something similar
                      to that... look for wherever the .x32 files are)
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                        eddiwil9 Level 1
                        Yes, that makes sense. I truly appreciate all your help!
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                          eddiwil9 Level 1

                          I owe you a beer-- or 12! :)

                          Thanks again!
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                            > I have hit another snag? I keep getting a message when publishing that
                            > "budapi.x32" can't be found. Problem is, I don't see anything with that name in
                            > the download folder. There is a "baMac.x32", which I placed, but doesn't seem
                            > to be the one. Sorry, I know this isn't a Buddy API forum!

                            You need the file named "budapi.x32" in your Cross Platform Resources
                            folder, and you'll need to edit your xtrainfo.txt file so that Director
                            knows which xtra to include in the projector - assuming you're bundling
                            them into the projector instead of creating a so-called fast-start
                            Shockwave projector.