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    Head Distortion in InBetween Animation for walking position.

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      I hate to really post it here but I'm not sure where else to ask. Unfortunately, I can't post my actual .puppet file because it's a propriety character for the company I work for. I can DM it directly to a staff member though, as long as it's not in a showcase.


      So I know my rig is stupid heavy but I needed something really versatile. I need it for recorded and live performances. I'm having 2 major issues.

      The first issue is that the head decides to scale, warp, and disconnect in my In-Between frames before the character reaches the walking position.

      So pretty much I have a Front view, Right profile, and Left profile triggered using the Walk Left & Right Arrows. So when you hit right or left arrow keys, the rig hits a cycle layer so there would be a smooth animation of the character re-positioning itself to a profile view then hits the rigged walking body + full head rig. I figured I would have a single head view for each one so the head can raise and lower with the body during this animation. The single head rigs for the in-between frames are the ones that decide to squash and stretch and disconnect from the body themselves.


      The other issue is my framerate is pretty low. I'm getting on average 7-8fps and 4-4.5 fps with the dangle physics enabled. My scene is set to 24fps which I dont' expect to get, but at least closer to 18-19 would look fine. I know this is due to the rig being super heavy at the moment. Is there anyway to offload some of the processing to my graphic card like you can with every other Adobe program? Or is there a way to optimize my character more. I suppose I could just make a single head rig for the InBetween frames for the entire walk animation but I'm afraid it would look weird with the head stationary when it should be going up and down when the character steps into position.


      I'm running Characer Animater 2018 Version 1.1.1 on

      Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit

      Intel Xeon CPU E5-1650 v3 @ 3.50GHz 3.49 GHz

      64 GB RAM

      NVIDIA Quadro K2200