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    Problem saving documents, error when saving documents, please help!

    Pomoxis Level 1

      I am having an issue with saving documents in Acrobat Pro DC.  It is particularly bad when saving a particular document multiple times, which I commonly do in my job, with a different document name each time I save it.  Usually after one or two times, I will get an error when trying to save the doc "The document could not be saved.  There was a problem reading this document (109)."  Sometimes, a document will be saved, even with the error, but when opened it will be without any content, just a blank page.  These are generally just simple pdf's with no complex content, forms, etc.


      I have checked for updates and the software is up to date.  I also did a "repair installation" with no success.  I called support and that was worthless.  The support person had me print a document to pdf and create a blank page and save it, both successfully, then proclaimed it is a file issue and not an Acrobat issue.  Well, that really helped ..... Same problem still exists.


      Can anyone help?