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    Make tablet version responsive?


      Hey so my website is basically done: Welcome to Plainview  Thanks so much for helping me get through all of the hurtles!

      My last issue is the tablet version of the site. So I already have the regular version and a separate mobile version. Right now when you view the site on the tablet it loads the regular version of the site, which is fine because the content all fits fairly well. The trouble is when you flip the tablet from horizontal to vertical, the contents of the site dont resize to fit in the vertical view of the screen. I think this is because on the desktop version of the site I have it set so that elements of the site dont resize when someone resizes the internet window on their computer.


      I wanted to make a separate version for the tablet anyway thats almost identical to the desktop version with just a few tiny tweaks to make it more tablet friendly. Is there any easy way to transfer all of the elements in my desktop version to a tablet version? Also any one have any advise on how to make it so that the elements of my tablet site are responsive to the way the user is holding their screen while still staying in their correct places relative to each other?



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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          You may add a tablet version by using menu „Page/Add Alternate Layout/Tablet“ and make this design responsive.

          But you can as well add a new fluid breakpoint to your actual desktop layout and make you page elements responsive in this (or these) breakpoint(s).

          You can control size and position of your elements by using the scrubber (this grey, vertical handle to the right of the breakpoint bar).