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    Bones problem

      Bones problem:
      I’ve been at this for a couple days with no success. I can’t get the bones animation to play in Director 11 or mx04.
      I have an elaborate model that has bones that doesn’t work in director so I went back to basics. I created a simple cylinder and then 2 connected bones. I animated the bones, attached them to the cylinder with the skin modifier (which is suppose to work in shockwave) and nothing. I then grouped the cylinder and bones together. I also made sure to name the bones with the root bone being the first thing in each name. The animation is working fine in max. When I trace the w3d properties in director it says the bones are there and the animation is playing. But no animation is visible in Director.
      Here are my files:
      Screen capture of the export settings:
      3d max file:
      Director 11 file:
      W3d file:
      Director mx04 file just in case:

      Any help would be greatly appreciated