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    Adobe Acrobat 2017 has stopped working error when scanning


      Just upgraded to Adobe Acrobat Standard 2017, and encountered a challenge with the new interface.


      The new Tools menu has a clean interface - too bad it doesn't work.  The workflow we attempted was to "Create PDF" from a scanner via the Tools menu.

      Tools Menu.png

      From here, we selected the "Scanner" option. The scan itself then proceeds as expected, and the files appear in Acrobat. So far, so good....

      Tools menu - Scanner.png

      However, as soon we try to save (by clicking the floppy disk icon), the dreaded error occurs: Adobe Acrobat 2017 has stopped working

      Acrobat stopped working.png

      Here's my favorite part - this error is entirely dependent on how the scan job is initiated!  Prior to this new interface, our workflow was to generate a PDF from Scanner by going to File -> Create -> PDF from Scanner.  We have found that this workflow *does not* result in Acrobat crashing. The scanner settings and driver are exactly the same using both methods - it is only when using the Tools menu to create a PDF from the scanner that Acrobat crashes.


      Going forward, we will continue to access scanner functionality via the File -> Create -> PDF from Scanner, which works great.


      Hopefully this information will help someone out there (and hopefully the Tools interface workflow can get fixed at some point.)


      File Menu - Scanner.png